Report Shares Inside Story of BC's Trailblazing Energy Step Code

The report, Lessons From the BC Energy Step Code, explains how the province developed a building code designed to steadily improve energy efficiency and transform the market towards the ultimate goal of net-zero energy-ready performance.

The publication details the collaborative process that yielded the standard and the key lessons learned along the way. Its authors hope that other jurisdictions can build on British Columbia’s success and develop stepped energy performance building codes elsewhere in Canada and the world.

Though the standard amounts to what one of its architects calls a “revolution in code development,” it didn’t happen by accident. The report shares 10 lessons from British Columbia's recent experience:

1.  Pitch a Big Tent, and Embrace Shared Leadership
2.  Set Your End Game, then Backcast
3. Fear Not Your Local Governments
4.  Provide Simple, Clear, and Accessible Materials
5.  Encourage Collective Ownership
6.  Identify and Tackle Cost ‘Pain Points’
7.  Offer an Easy On-Ramp to Performance Codes
9.  Consider Elections and Seasonal Factors in your Roll-Out Plan
10. This is a Change-Management Process
11. Continue to Refine and Improve the Standard Over Time

Lessons From the BC Energy Step Code is available via the Province of British Columbia’s dedicated BC Energy Step Code site at energystepcode.ca, under Resources/Publications, or via this direct download link.

Access the recording of today's launch webinar here.

Graphics in the report may be found here.

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