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Online Education:  Replacement Installers Fundamentals Exam

The FGIA FENBC Region Replacement Installer Fundamentals Exam qualifies that the person taking and passing this exam has a fundamental knowledge of appropriate installation techniques in a replacement window and door project.

The exam has been developed by the FGIA FENBC Region using the Best Practices for Window and Door Replacement in Wood Frame Buildings. The publication was developed in partnership with BC Housing in conjunction with industry stakeholders and applies current building science and best practices to the replacement of windows and doors in wood-frame residential buildings. It provides practical information and useful guidelines to help ensure these products are replaced in a way that improves the durability of building enclosures in existing buildings. The Guide also considers the wide variety of current installation practices as well as the range of window and door products in use in the replacement market. The Guide is applicable to all of BC’s climate zones and addresses the microclimate effects of buildings.

Passing the FGIA FENBC Region Replacement Installer Fundamentals Exam will indicate that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge, skills and decision-making abilities necessary to replace and install, factory assembled windows and exterior doors that are intended for replacement installation in single family dwellings.

Qualified FGIA FENBC Region Replacement Installers will be periodically re-assessed to ensure they remain up-to-date on technical developments and industry changes.

The exam will serve as the knowledge check on the skills required for the replacement of windows and doors in single-family dwellings for the Home Performance Contractor Network windows and doors sector fundamentals requirement.

For more information read the Exam Overview and Process document.

Access the exam application form. If a passing grade is not achieved, full payment of the original registration fee is required for retests.
(pre-qualification with the Home Performance Contractor Network required)

Purchase a hard copy* of the Best Practices for Window and Door Replacement manual.

*A copy of the guide is required to prepare for the exam and can be purchased as part of the Home Performance Contractor Network qualification process (reimbursements may apply) or directly through the FGIA FENBC Region website. As stated on the provided ID card, qualified installers must have a copy of the guide available for homeowners to review when discussing the appropriate installation methods. A secured, digital version of the manual will be provided with the purchase of a printed copy.