Committees & Initiatives

Education and Training

The FENBC Education and Training Committee will be looking at other forms of training and educational opportunities to provide an educational resource for our members and the fenestration industry.

Membership Committee

The purpose of this committee is to assess and develop new and current member services and partnerships, develop new ideas while maintaining relationships with current members.  This committee will work towards reaching out to non-members to encourage involvement in FENBC.

Technical Committee

The FENBC Technical Committees purpose is to expand the body of knowledge related to the fenestration industry in BC. 

This committee will ensure technical publications are updated, respond to the needs of society as related to the fenestration industry as new technology is introduced and when government imposes new demands or regulations. 

The technical committee will also contribute articles for the newsletter and magazine.

Marketing and Media Relations Committee

This committee will work towards increasing awareness of FENBC by establishing and executing a strategy for identification and marketing of benefits and services; and to communicate the value and progress of FENBC services both internally and externally using electronic, web-based and print mediums.

Government Relations Committee

This committee is created to ensure that relevant government departments and building official organizations in BC are aware of the industry expertise and resources available within the FENBC membership.  These valuable resources are offered to them for consideration in the development of various codes and regulations affecting the fenestration industry. 

This committee will work on arranging regularly scheduled meetings with government departments will be arranged to keep the conversation active.

Social Committee

Do you like to plan fun events.  Golf Tournaments, networking meetings, conferences, monthly membership meetings.  

This committee will help to define FENBC's social events throughout the year.